The Cure for Guilt

You’ve heard of Mom-Guilt, right? It’s an instant feeling of inadequacy that consumes you once you become a parent. They call it “Mom” guilt, but really every parent feels it. You love your kid so much that you feel like nothing you do will ever be sufficient because you want to give him the world. Read More

Live A Little

To quote the great Shonda Rimes… …’say yes!” (OK, maybe not to everything. Participating in an international drug trafficking ring is probably something you’ll want to say, “no,” to, but you get the picture). Say, “yes,” more often than you say, “no.” One of those “great life lessons” I’ve learned is to take advantage of Read More


One Foot in Front of the Other

It is through our most extreme experiences that the biggest growth happens – if we survive them.”  -Kevin Hart Of all the places in the world to find deep, meaningful wisdom, you wouldn’t imagine a comedian’s autobiography but –Whoop, there it is! Kevin hit the nail right on the head and spoke to my soul Read More